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Dance Class Descriptions

BALLET: A dance style that promotes grace and poise but requires hard work, strength, flexibility, patience, and dedication. It takes tremendous discipline and lots of practice to learn the proper technique and perform it well. Ballet is an important technical basis for all forms of dance, particularly jazz. Pointe is an advanced form of ballet that requires a student to take a minimum of two classes per week for a number of years before they will be strong enough to advance to Pointe.


TAP: Uses intricate footwork and sound to create rhythmic variations to accompany a variety of musical styles. Can also be performed acapella. Metal taps on the shoes create variety in tones and beats.

JAZZ: A dance style that is full of leaps, turns, energy, fast-paced moves, and which uses all the muscles in the body. This ballet based technique encompasses strength, flexibility, endurance, extension, and placement. Can be set to a variety of musical styles. HIP-HOP: A free-form, street-style of jazz frequently seen in music videos and at clubs. This less technical jazz form is usually set to contemporary music.

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY: Lyrical is a blend of ballet and jazz is used to interpret the lyrics or emotion of a piece of music. Frequently set to ballads, classical, or alternative music. Contemporary incorporates modern, lyrical, and acro into this fusion style of dance.

COMBO CLASSES:  Offers multiple styles and are a good choice for young dancers who wish to experience a variety of dance forms while learning coordination and motor skills.  Combo classes will perform two recital dances.  

DISCOVER DANCE: This non-recital class is intended for 2-4 year old children who are ready to be in a classroom environment. This means they must be able to follow verbal directions and be willing to participate in structured classroom activities. One Adult/Parent/Guardian is required to participate with their child. We work on motor skills and begin to introduce basic dance steps.  



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