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We offer a variety of performance opportunities 

Annual Recital

This is traditionally held on the Saturday following Memorial Day.

Next year it will occur on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Dress Rehearsals take place Tuesday – Friday evenings after Memorial Day. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory for all Recital students, unless the Studio director has authorized a student to miss it. We currently run three shows – an Early Show featuring our youngest dancers (approximately 1-1.25 hours long), a Mid Show featuring a mix of ages (approximately 1.5 hours long), and a Late Show featuring our older dancers (approximately 1.5 hours long).  This is subject to change.

Holiday Community Service

Each December, we try to visit two Senior Care Facilities and present a 45 minute Holiday Show. While we cannot involve every student in these events due to space and time, we randomly select a number of classes to teach holiday routines to and then offer students in those classes the opportunity to perform in one or both events. The performances generally take place on Saturday afternoons early in December. The studio provides costumes and/or accessories for this performance (students may be requested to wear a certain color leotard or tights of their own). Parents may attend with the dancer but we try to limit other guests as space is sometimes tight at the facilities. We may also schedule additional performances at other times of the year.

Festival of the Arts

Each April, the Farmington Arts Council presents Festival of the Arts at the Costick Center. We have the opportunity to perform at this event and have used it as a prequel to our Dress Rehearsal for the Recital. Again, we cannot involve every student/class due to time and space. We try to select a variety of classes to participate. The students perform their Recital Routine(s) in full costume/hair/makeup. Parents and guests are welcome to attend.

Founders Day Parade

In mid-July, the City of Farmington puts on this annual parade and we are invited to participate. We will hold two rehearsals to teach the marching pattern. These generally take place in late June, early July. We try to schedule them for weekday evenings or Saturday. We do not perform dance routines, just a simple marching pattern and all of our dancers are welcome to take part. If the dancer is too young to learn the marching pattern, they can follow behind the group and/or hand out candy down the parade route.  We generally ask participants to wear their own shorts/pants (which we will specify) and a Recital Tee Shirt.

Competition Teams

Ambassadors of Dance offers the chance to join a competition team. These teams are for more serious dancers and require high levels of commitment to class and other events. Any student interested in competing should review the Competition Team contract (found on the Ambassadors of Dance website) to learn the details.   Any dancer is welcome to join a team, as long as they are willing to make the required commitments.  Auditions are held during the summer to establish placements.  

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